A Report by Geoff Sayers, reproduced from the December/January Church Magazine

After a long wait we have received the Chancellor's Judgement following submission (in March of this year) of our Petition for a Faculty to re-order St Botolph's Church. He states that it is a well thought-out scheme which has given due recognition to those matters which are of special historic interest, in particular the WW1 memorial fittings. He concludes that he is prepared in principle to grant the faculty in accordance with the DAC's recommendation. This is subject to our submitting a revised specification of work, fully updated to take account of our revised Statements of Need and Significance, and the purchase of Treske chairs and pew benches in the submitted design, both to the DAC and to him 'for further directions'.

This is good news indeed and we now have an opportunity to progress the proposals in which we are seeking to meet the needs of the space for worship and community use.

We are indebted to Bill Croft for his encouragement and leadership in achieving this goal. He led the Task Group (of which he was chairman) with unbounded enthusiasm. He has sent this message on learning of the Judgement:

Thank you very much for copying me into your email attaching the Chancellor's judgment. This is absolutely wonderful news for St. Botolph's and I wish everyone well in deciding how to go about implementing the reordering. I count it a privilege to have been involved in bringing the proposal to the point of petitioning for faculty. Everyone worked very hard and patiently and this has paid off.


The Task Group will be meeting very soon to discuss the way forward. Now that Stephen Oliver has been appointed as our Church Architect following Julian Limentani's retirement, we will have a wonderful opportunity to discuss and review every aspect of the proposals with him as he prepares the updated specification of work and drawings.

At a meeting of the Fabric Committee on 11th February 2008 it was agreed that a mission statement should be prepared incorporating our functions of Worship, Fellowship and Outreach. This was submitted to and accepted by the PCC, following which the Reordering Task Group was formed. After eight years this judgement is the justification of the immense work carried out by that Group and all those who have assisted in so many ways.

Now the hard work and fund raising really begins! Regular bulletins will be prepared to keep everyone informed on progress and we seek the enthusiastic support of the whole congregation to make this an enjoyable process.