Revd Jackie

Rev. Jackie Bullen

Letter from the Vicar - October

Blackberries and Reflections

Firstly, I had fond memories of my childhood and how I was taken to pick blackberries by my Grandmother and later by my Mother.

They would walk for some time to find a good blackberry bush in a hedgerow where we could pick them safely and away from traffic.

We would go prepared, wearing rubber gloves and carrying colanders to put the fruit in.

There was a sense of excitement and expectation about the whole process.

A sense of hope and looking forward to coming home with something we didn't have when we started.

When I walked down the vicarage drive I went with a sense of expectation and almost childish excitement.

I had noticed the bushes a while ago and had no reason to think that they would not still be there.

I hadn't looked recently and I wasn't sure if the fruit would be ready to pick but I went nevertheless.

As I walked on, I found myself walking more quickly.

The brambles were thick and the blackberries ripe, weighing the stems down.

I could see them clearly (well, some of them) and I knew there were many more hidden from view too.

If I could just reach in it would be worth it because it will be good fruit.

If I could just get past those annoying briars growing in the way.

If I could bear a bit of discomfort in the process.

Then I realised that for me this is a bit like looking for God.

I know he is there, I first found Him in my childhood.

I come to Him with excitement and a sense of anticipation.

Remembering times past with fond memories of looking for Him with others.

Sharing our quest to find Him.

Going prepared and ready to receive what He has to offer.

It is important to find somewhere I feel safe to stop and listen to Him.

But ready to take the risk that this might not be comfortable, as I need to be honest with myself and be ready to say sorry for the things I haven't done or haven't done as well as I could.

Having found what I was looking for, I cannot keep this to myself.

It is too good.

I need to share this with others.

God bless