Revd Jackie

Rev. Jackie Bullen

Letter from the Vicar - February

Lent already!?!

This year, as Easter is early – Easter Sunday is 1st April - Lent seems to be almost upon us even though we have just celebrated Christmas.

Many people take the opportunity during Lent to make a journey or a pilgrimage. For some that will be a physical movement made from a starting place with an intended destination and they will have a detailed plan of how to get from here to there which they follow. For others, it will be a setting aside of time to read, think and reflect as they make a spiritual journey in the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

Some will journey as a group, some will take on a personal programme. We may also share with others, if we feel comfortable to, our personal reflections, stories and insights as we go.

The notion of a pilgrimage can seem exciting and hopeful for some people but for others it may sound daunting and just too much like hard work! The idea of the open road stretching in front of us can be inviting but there is also pleasure to be found in the country lane with its twists and turns.

Amazingly, this is what we do all through our lives often without realising it. Sometimes moving quickly and other times slowly, we journey alone at some points during the day, the week, the year and then at other times we find ourselves with others and sharing the path we tread.

If you think you are a solitary person who has nothing to contribute to the spiritual life of others, please think again. Never underestimate the joy and companionship you can bring by showing up! Did you know that just by coming along to an event, you can bring grace, joy and encouragement to all around you?

Seriously, our Sunday worship is enriched by the presence of all who attend, not just those who have a role. Over time, most of us realise that we may have something to say that others will find helpful and interesting and amazingly that is what usually happens.

I look forward to travelling with you through Lent, a time when we contemplate the significance of our own pilgrim journey for the future.

God bless