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Growth Action Plan : Year 2

Following the review of the Growth Action Plan in April and May 2015 a One Year Plan was formulated to form part of the Five Year Vision.

Five Year Vision (2014-2019)

By May 2019 we would like to see:

  • The re-ordering programme complete
  • Ministry for children and young people thriving
  • Our church to be growing in faith and numbers and this will be achieved with imaginative evangelism
  • Our worship relating to the pastoral needs of the congregation and the needs of evangelism
  • Our finances able to support all these initiatives with a surplus to give to the diocese.

One Year Plan (2015-2016)

In the coming year we shall achieve the following:

  • Continue to support our young people's work, Chris Walker (Children and young people's co-ordinator) and her team, including the 3rd Sunday service (Lead: PCC and Chris Walker)
  • Improve our sound system (Lead: Fabric Committee)
  • Introduce the Church of England’s faith development course 'Pilgrim' (Lead: Faith Development Committee)
  • Introduce the Parish Nursing Scheme (Lead: Pastoral Committee)
  • Develop ideas for a Church Open Day - ideas include hosting a children's Christmas card design competition (Lead: Evangelism and Communications Committees)
  • Ensure financial resources are available to achieve these plans (Lead: Finance Committee)

Review date: April 2016

Independent Reviewer: Canon Jonathan Baker

Last March we held a Vision Day to develop a five year Growth Action Plan together with action points for 2014-15. Where have we got to?

One Year Plan

There were seven points for the year 2014-15. Here they are with a brief progress report.

1. The church will have internet access.

Done – almost as soon as the Vision Day had ended!! Thank you Fabric Committee.

2. There will be a children’s and young persons' service with children and young people taking part in all services.

We now have a monthly 9.30am service where we all worship together, the 3rd Sunday of the month, and young people take an active part in many aspects of the service. Thank you Chris Walker and her team.

3. Arrangements to finance re-ordering are put in place and prospective completion dates established.

Things are going slower than expected. We needed to rewrite our Statement of Significance and Statement of Needs following a DAC site visit in June 2014. This has nearly been done. Thank you Reordering Task Group for all your hard work.

4. Review the weekly and monthly pattern of worship and how they relate to growth and evangelism.

This has been kept under review by the Worship Committee. Thank you to them.

5. Development of Pastoral Care through additional coffee morning on Mondays.

This started in September. Thank you to Anne Davis especially.

6. To hold ‘Beer and Carols’ evening at Fox and Hounds or other suitable venue.

This in fact took place at the Woodman in December. Thank you to Will Hendry and Evangelism Committee who organised it.

7. To understand the financial implications of 1-6 above and having plans in place to raise money as required.

Apart from reordering, where the financial stage has not yet been reached, costs have all been covered by existing budgets.